There’s a Reason They are called “Managers” and not “Leaders”

Some of you (I’d say “many”, but I don’t have enough of a reader base for that) have been waiting for this. This missive is about the little financial drain on society that I like to call “management“. You know you’ve got one (probably more than 3, actually). In a perfect world, you would be responsible for doing your job, but that isn’t the society that we live in today. For the Managers reading this: I make no apologies. Uh…it ended up being really really long, so I suggest you open it in a tab in your browser and just read a page or two at a time.

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A new home (and then some)

A few things to talk about, just kind of miscellaneous Rok stuff.  A new house, legal weed in Oregon, job is still good but…well…read on…

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The Significance of the Moral Stance

At what point does it become ok to benefit from accepting someone else’s immoral decisions? *sigh*

I’m a Netflix subscriber.  I like the service.  I’ve never experienced speed issues because I pay for the bandwidth…it’s never been an issue.  The Net Neutrality issue – for the larger part – has not impacted me.

Until now.  See, now Netflix has succumbed to the unreasonable demands of the monopolistic cable industry.  They’ve paid the blackmail.  They have accepted the responsibility to pay for “fast lanes”, which means that people/companies that can’t afford to pay?  Well, they just get screwed.  It’s a new barrier to entry for small startups with good ideas.

The “moral” thing, I guess, would be to cancel my subscription.  After all, that’s how we’re supposed to “effect change”, right?  By putting our money where our mouth(s) is/are?  But…you know…I really enjoy the service.  Enjoyed.

So ok,  this might be nitpicking.  After all, we accept the same sorts of immoral decisions (and far far worse) from our politicians and our Nation, right?  Well, yes, but for me that’s mostly because despite all of that it’s still the best game in town.  As unbalanced as it is, it’s more fair than most other countries.  As corrupt as it is, it’s less corrupt than most of the other games.  Unsafe?  More safe than most.  Etc.  The importance of the Freedom of Speech cannot be underestimated, and guess what folks – we’ve got the best damned one.  This blog is possible because of it (that would probably be more relevant if there were a large number of readers (ok ok, which would probably happen if there were more frequent posts)).

But with Netflix it’s less clear of a decision.  I could certainly benefit from the time gained by not watching “tv” all of the damned time.  I’m sure I’d probably lose weight too, but there are still video games, so it may be a wash 🙂

I think I’ll need to cancel the account.  I’ve done so much and come so far for eliminating those negative elements from my life.  Whenever possible, I don’t support them.  And this is, I think, a perfect illustration.  GoDaddy doesn’t host my websites (they supported SOPA and PIPA), Google doesn’t host my email (they harvest my data and sell it) and they aren’t even my search engine anymore (DuckDuckGo FTW).  I am not a fan of having Verizon (or AT&T, formerly) as my cell phone provider, but again, it’s a matter of fewer choices available.  A new server may provide me the ability to host my own phone service, in which case my contract becomes irrelevant.  Maybe.  We’ll see.  Anyway, I see that as I temporary evil anyway – I keep my phone service because I kinda need it for my job.  Those times may be soon coming to an end, however, as my job doesn’t really require it anymore.  There is progress to be made, but I’m making it.

Netflix though, has skirted the borders of ethical behavior in the past.  There have been quite a few reversals when their customers were asked, though, indicating that their bottom line is important.

This time though, they took a queue from the Government:  They didn’t ask for our opinion.  They knew what our answer was.  They know what the People want.  They know what’s “fair” and “right” and all of that.  But hey….it’s easier to give the bullies your milk money than start your day off with a fat lip and a lot of awkward questions.

Keep your eyes open for a new blog post – we bought a new house, it’s an unexpected story 😉

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The World Keeps Spinning…

…for those of you that haven’t been informed (probably most of the world other than the handful of people that I’ve told) I am embarking on the next leg of my life’s journey. It’s not one that everyone has the opportunity to experience, although based on most of the relationships that I’ve viewed from the outside it’s an experience that far too few people capitalize on: Divorce

I’m not bitter, but I do need to talk about it – the largest part of my support structure is meeting with her lawyer tomorrow.
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Fixing Stuff

Finally have a bit of time to fix stuff on the site. Scroll down for posts that you probably couldn’t see – keep your eyes open for the “Next Page” buttons…I’ve had a difficult time getting their placement and everything working. Time permitting though….


Didn’t figure this needed it’s own post – I’m done with my re-edits, so all of the pictures and videos should work now (even the ones from my trip).

I still have some more cleanup to do that you guys won’t see much from…I have a lot of “started” posts that I’ve never published, so I’d like to take some time to see if any of them are still relevant or if I should junk them.

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The Latest in the Life of Rok…

Yeah, a lot of you are saying to yourselves, “Shit, when he said he’d send us an email update I didn’t think it would just be a link to his website.  That douche!” and some of you are saying, “When he said he’d send an email update soon I didn’t know that ‘soon’ was 5 months later”.

Regardless of which camp you’re in, this is that.

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Catching Up…

Hey folks – I sent out a mass email today to update everyone on what’s been going on with me.  If you didn’t get a copy of it, I don’t have a current email address for you!  Please shoot me a line at roknrol (at) so we can keep in touch (because you all know how good I am at keeping in touch, am I right, Dean? )

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Government Security Hypocrisy

I suppose it’s about time that I chimed in on this…I’ve actually been avoiding this topic for a couple of years simply because the topic itself is so vast that it would be nearly impossible to hit all of the relevant points.  I shouldn’t have to tell you that this will probably be a lengthy article…made even more so by the complicated nature of the topic.  My average seems to be about 2-3 pages…I predict 5.  So settle in, grab yourself a pot of coffee (or case of Red Bull) and enjoy, I dare you!

Note:  I started writing this piece before a lot of relevant information came out making some of my “observations” seem pretty insignificant.  I’ve of course linked the relevant articles at the relevant locations though, so even if my epiphanies aren’t all that phenomenal, at least it should be informative :p

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FINALLY, a politician that understands what America is about…

It took years of searching, but I’ve finally located a politician that does seem to grasp the basic nature of privacy and security, and he says that he’s willing to fix all of these problems for us…we just have to vote him in.  This seems piddling – but really, PLEASE read the transcript, watch the video, and share by whatever means you feel are appropriate 🙂

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Your IT Guy

Hi there!  I’m your IT professional, and I’m here to tell you what is so special about what I do.  After all, isn’t it just a matter of clicking some buttons and occasionally rebooting?  Not quite.

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