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I Quit. So There. (Part II)

Can you believe that only last week here on this site you did read, a tale so replete with anger and loss, resolution remained unachieved? Leaving my job without finding another; Escape from a shift that’s unkind. Securing a job … Continue reading

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I Quit. So there. (Part I)

I Quit. So There. (Part I) By Roknrol Feeling quite elated, having stood up to a bully. I had just walked from the Amazon; it hadn’t settled fully. The Graveyard shift they gave me, Was a hundred miles from home. … Continue reading

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Ed and Sam

Ed and Sam By Roknrol Young Edward was plagued with a moral type puzzle, For Sam is impulsive and rude. He reads all your letters (he thinks he knows betters) He’s really just some skeevy dude. Old Sam had become … Continue reading

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There’s a Reason They are called “Managers” and not “Leaders”

Some of you (I’d say “many”, but I don’t have enough of a reader base for that) have been waiting for this. This missive is about the little financial drain on society that I like to call “management“. You know … Continue reading

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A new home (and then some)

A few things to talk about, just kind of miscellaneous Rok stuff.  A new house, legal weed in Oregon, job is still good but…well…read on…

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The Significance of the Moral Stance

At what point does it become ok to benefit from accepting someone else’s immoral decisions? *sigh* I’m a Netflix subscriber.  I like the service.  I’ve never experienced speed issues because I pay for the bandwidth…it’s never been an issue.  The … Continue reading

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The World Keeps Spinning…

…for those of you that haven’t been informed (probably most of the world other than the handful of people that I’ve told) I am embarking on the next leg of my life’s journey. It’s not one that everyone has the … Continue reading

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The Latest in the Life of Rok…

Yeah, a lot of you are saying to yourselves, “Shit, when he said he’d send us an email update I didn’t think it would just be a link to his website.  That douche!” and some of you are saying, “When … Continue reading

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Catching Up…

Hey folks – I sent out a mass email today to update everyone on what’s been going on with me.  If you didn’t get a copy of it, I don’t have a current email address for you!  Please shoot me … Continue reading

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Government Security Hypocrisy

I suppose it’s about time that I chimed in on this…I’ve actually been avoiding this topic for a couple of years simply because the topic itself is so vast that it would be nearly impossible to hit all of the … Continue reading

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