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Blog items that more or less just relate to the website, rather than the trip or “life” or whatever.

Fixing Stuff

Finally have a bit of time to fix stuff on the site. Scroll down for posts that you probably couldn’t see – keep your eyes open for the “Next Page” buttons…I’ve had a difficult time getting their placement and everything … Continue reading

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The Latest in the Life of Rok…

Yeah, a lot of you are saying to yourselves, “Shit, when he said he’d send us an email update I didn’t think it would just be a link to his website.  That douche!” and some of you are saying, “When … Continue reading

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Bah…Forum’s down… (fixed)

Sorry folks – forum is down…bad mod install borked the whole fucking thing.  It should be back online this evening or tomorrow…as soon as I can get it taken care of.  Nothing is lost (usernames/posts/etc)…just the interface.  Thanks for your … Continue reading

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In-ternet In-security

I’ve been asked, and while I’ve given some brief examples on Facebook I figure I should probably post something here as well – mostly because my FB account will be defunct the middle of next week today. The following article … Continue reading

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The End of an Error (and a New Start)

Many of you have been aware that this is coming, but for those that haven’t, I am leaving Social Networking. Because I wouldn’t be “me” without a novel, let me give you a history of how social networking has grown … Continue reading

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RSS Feeds Now Work

Hey everyone – I’ve been trying to pick away at some of the smaller troubleshooting issues and have finally gotten the RSS feeds to work. If you use Feedly, don’t try to use the auto-add feature (for some reason it’s … Continue reading

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Website Update

Some of you may have realized that the site’s been down for the last couple of weeks.  I’m working on migrating my sites to a new server, so things will be a little bumpy.  If anyone noticed any errors or … Continue reading

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Still Kind of a Mess….

…but then again, anyone that knows me should be expecting that :p Since the trip is officially over I’m repurposing this blog for just general bullshit, grips, goings on, political thoughts, maybe even some computer shit.  I haven’t completely decided … Continue reading

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Two Steps Forward…

But before you give me too much shit for returning to Astoria and my sister, keep in mind that in the last two weeks keeping CHOPT on the road has cost me $600, despite excellent care, experience, and hospitality of … Continue reading

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Port Alberni

Ok, so I know that the blog has kind of fallen into disarray over the last few days – mostly due to stress on my part and concern about the rear tire.  Metal wasn’t showing through the rubber, but you … Continue reading

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