A new home (and then some)

A few things to talk about, just kind of miscellaneous Rok stuff.  A new house, legal weed in Oregon, job is still good but…well…read on…

So as you may have figured out, the divorce didn’t happen.  I’m not getting into the gory details – let’s just say that things are cordial and for now are working out.  For the most part.  Ish.  Now, I only bring this up because the week that I made the last post, wherein lawyers were called and plans were being made, we found our dream home.

Crazy, huh?

A large treed lot in the middle of Portland (ok, so I didn’t get the acreage that I wanted, but seriously?  That’s the only thing that we compromised on).  Huge yard, ENORMOUS shop, enough bedrooms, old (and therefore has a TON of character), basement, extra garage…seriously, this place rocks.  It’s got an absolutely gorgeous kitchen that my mother would die for, a living room that is the first “homey” living room that I think I’ve ever been in, and a tiny little bathroom that needs work.  So it’s not perfect, but it’ll be an awful lot of fun making it that way!

For the last month we’ve been moving.  While I’d absolutely love to blame the lack of updates on the move, obviously I’ve never been good at consistently writing.  It’s most likely me 😛

So hey, Oregon has legal weed now!  It feels pretty good to know that the world can sometimes work in ways that make sense, even if it doesn’t happen frequently enough.  I’m going to continue to keep my Medical Marijuana License though…I wouldn’t say I’m experienced in getting fucked by the Government or anything, but I’ve read and heard enough…every layer of safety helps.  Besides, I’m allowed to grow more and I get dispensary prices, so it just makes sense.

Actually, one of the things that’s been predominantly eating up my time has been securing my life and “cleaning up” my Neterwebz activity.  Since I’m not supporting Windows computers at work anymore, I’ve been able to migrate to Linux on my home computers, which has been absolutely superb at getting me interested in computers again.  This has, of course, rekindled my interest in securing my internet.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m by no means anywhere near where I think that I should be…but it’s getting better.

The thing is, if you don’t know anything about computers you don’t even know where to begin looking for “real” information about securing your computer, phone, or life.  By the time you know enough (if you ever make it that far)?  Shit, you’ve got such a huge amount of data spread across so many different places that it is an absolutely impossible feat to “clean up” your own behaviour.  Bad habits set in, and they’re very hard to break.

Speaking of which, I quit smoking.  Meh, I give it a 6 out of 10.

Anyway, so I started this process a couple of years ago by deleting my Facebook account (which I’m sure is still around somewhere…if only on the servers at the NSA).  Let’s face it, trying to secure your internet life while having a Facebook account (or Google, but don’t get ahead of the story…) is like asking the police to put cameras in your house to protect you from…whatever.  I already hosted my own websites, but I completely rebuilt the server from the ground up (actually, did this twice, in more ways than one, but only nerds would care about the details), completely revamped the software that runs on it, hardened it to the best of my abilities (so far), and have completely rebuilt the email portion of the server from the ground up.  This has given me quite a bit of security and flexibility already, but there is more.

My personal documents are kept on an encrypted thumbdrive now.  I have an encrypted copy on my server at home, as well as another copy elsewhere.  No where is it in the “cloud” (for Cripe’s sake, we’re talking about security and privacy).  I keep the thumbdrive with me, and I “remember” as much as I can.  The most secure place you can keep something is in your head, as long as you don’t leave the front door flapping in the breeze 🙂

So security is…well, a neverending process.  Honestly, the easiest way to secure my life would be to unplug entirely, but I’ll have to just get used to thinking like a criminal. I don’t use a Wifi with my phone that I don’t trust (i.e. any of them), I don’t access banks from my phone (or credit cards, or anything else like that).  I do my best.  It’s not enough, but it’s better than nothing.  Probably.

But I’m actually getting to a point where I feel ok with where I am on that note, and that means I can finally start concentrating on other things.  Fixing my truck.  Fixing her VW.  Fixing CHOPT.  Of course, fixing up the house.  Just…you know…fixing shit.  I like to fix shit.

Which brings me to work (do I dare talk about work here?)  Sure…but I won’t use the name of the company…that should be pretty “ok”.  I won’t even give you any good hints – if you don’t already know, then you don’t – it’s no big deal.  It’s a good company, it’s a company that shouldn’t be going away anytime soon, and the job should be able to help me reach an early retirement.  These are all really really good things.

But you know, it’s absolutely awful when a Manager that doesn’t understand the job is put into the awkward position of solving problems he doesn’t understand with methods he doesn’t understand for a job that he’s never done with people that he doesn’t know how to work with.  It’s worse because the two layers of management directly above him are also new and also don’t seem to grok the importance of Freedom in Production.  He’s got evidence all around him, but he is just bound and determined to turn my beloved company into quite literally, every other (less successful, I might add) corporation on the planet.  He’s fucking retarded.  And there’s not a goddamned thing I can do about it – just like every other good job that I’ve watched be destroyed by shitty management.


There are some bright spots though, and they are really bright, so that shouldn’t be downplayed.

Firstly, for whatever reason, they like me there.  I know, I know, it sounds like I’m speaking gibberish, but really:  They seem to like me.  This has had the side effect of…well…giving me a lot more credit than I think I otherwise would have.  Up to a point (not quite enough, but almost) I’m listened to.  When I bitch, people listen.  They may not fix it, but they’ll listen.  And they also don’t seem to mind much when I fix shit myself.  The benefit here is that, for the most part, if I can identify the problem, and I can fix the problem, they let me.  It’s nice.

Also, they don’t seem to mind much about the weed thing, which is a really nice bonus.  They seem to realize that as long as I’m doing my job, and as long as I’m doing it correctly, the best thing they can do is leave me alone.  And for the most part, they do.

So for now, I’m staying.  I’m keeping my options open though, and keeping my eyes on other departments under different management.  After all, generally speaking when there are targets to be placed on backs, I’m usually near the front of the line.  It’s only through happen stance that I’m far enough away from the “bad” managers to mostly stay off the radar.  That being said, there do appear to be targets being handed out and with a limited number of staff it’s only a matter of time.  As long as it’s enough to get vested in my stocks, I’ll take it.

So overall things have been good.  I’ve been thinking of a few other things to write about…maybe I’ll get off my ass and do so…

Do good things.



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