There is no advertising on this site.  Nobody pays me to link their sites, and I don’t pay anyone to link mine. I tend to support donation-based projects (Wikipedia, Synergy) and would prefer to continue to provide ad-free authorship, so there is a “Donate” button on the sidebar of every page. Everyone’s gotta eat!

I announce my updates via RSS Feed as well as Twitter. If you know someone that might enjoy the posts, feel free to let them know about me.  Self-promotion has never been my strong point, but you know I love the attention 😀


For the spammers that think I’m going to approve their Comments:

I use the WordPress 2010 theme…it was default about five years ago and I like the looks of it. I am happy that your sister/brother/friend will like my site and I appreciate you passing it on (however I don’t feel even a little obligated to allow your spam-laden advertisement strewn virus riddled sites). Yes, I am aware that the post that I wrote can get much higher SEO rankings. No I will not hire or advertise with or for your “company”.

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