I Quit. So There. (Part II)

Can you believe that only last week
here on this site you did read,
a tale so replete with anger and loss,
resolution remained unachieved?

Leaving my job without finding another;
Escape from a shift that’s unkind.
Securing a job by the usual means:
Hunting with fingers entwined.

Organization is key, so they say,
don’t forget to cross t’s and dot i’s.
Getting the resumé cleaned up and neat,
engaging my former allies.

Searching online because nobody hires
inside brick and mortar no more.
Schmoozing recruiters who don’t know computers;
artfully playing the whore.

Traversing the job sites with care and finesse,
optimistic throughout my endeavour.
Over time my perception, which jobs are worthwhile,
leaves me feeling a whole lot less clever.

Some weeks I feel I’m productive and I’m
on the verge of maybe succeeding
in finding a job that don’t totally suck.
So far that feeling’s misleading.

Jumping through all of the hoops that are set,
I apply for the jobs that I’m able.
Masking derision for wasting my time,
when they think a Sys Admin pulls cable.

After my searching and all of my pain, a
little bit more you should grok:
Sys Admins aren’t there to manage your Books,
Or to set your microwave’s clock.

Just fixing computers and making them work is
enough to keep all of us active.
Requesting that we do additional jobs
really makes the work far less attractive.

Yesterday I saw a job that was posted,
‘Heroic Technician Desired’,
“Until we get ’round to hiring techs,
nights, and whenever, required”

Thanks but no thanks, I’ll take a pass,
even though you may think me a fool-o,
Regarding your “fair” fourteen bucks an hour,
¬°Prefiero tomar por el culo!

This is it! You’ve succeeded in making it through,
hip hurrah and all of that stuff,
and I’m certain that after my bitching is done a
new job will be found soon enough.

Keep yourself honest and moral of course,
stand up when they’re taking advantage.
For you aren’t required to swallow their shit,
or bend over when they micromanage.

Reasonable people act reasonably well,
reason being their prime motivation.
Egotistical dirtbags that Manage your group
are exempt from your prostrate donation.

Dear Reader, I leave you with one final thought,
I promise this is the last verse:
Notice the things that are right there up front,
getting walked on will let them get worse.

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