About Roknrol

Hey, thanks for caring!

I tend to talk a lot and like most people I enjoy talking about myself. I enjoy it enough that other people sometimes don’t. In that vein, I’ll try to be brief…I don’t really see this site as “about me”, but more about the various topics that I write about. Some may say that’s the same thing (and I would agree), but some folks want more intimate details.

That’s what this section is.

The menu above (About Roknrol) has a rarely updated/maintained Bucket List, an historical archive of posts from 2011 and a fantastic road trip I took on my bike. Links and/or pictures may be broken – if you’re trying to get to something and can’t get it, reach out and I’ll see what’s going on. It’s difficult to maintain links through transitions, but I do my best.

Onto the “me” portion of the blog, let’s get the quick questions out of the way first: Yes my name is Roknrol, no it is not my given name. I have a variety of reasons for changing it and “for attention” only ranks at about #3.

I’ve always been a hippy although I haven’t always claimed it. I’ve had facial piercings since the mid-90’s (so before they were cool) and I’m attempting to singlehandedly revive top hats. I haven’t always been a drug user but am very pro-marijuana.

Politically I lean left, although I am not a Democrat. I am a Progressive, if I must have a label, but I even resist that.

I’m a fairly paranoid person which comes out in a lot of my writing. I reject a lot of convenience over fear of losing more privacy than I’ve already lost. I don’t really have a reason for the paranoia, other than this: I’ve spent a lot of my life learning from other people’s mistakes (it saves me having to make them myself). History is rife with people losing their rights and their freedoms through innocuous “it’s easier this way” reasons. If you’re not paranoid, you won’t notice that you’ve lost your rights until it’s too late.

I’m not a violent person although I have been saddled with some Mental Health issues. I am a Mental Health advocate and am supportive of groups and government programs that focus on helping those in need rather than just locking them up. I try to avoid displaying too much of my drama publicly, but I think in order to be an advocate you have to be willing to talk about the hard topics.

I’ve almost always worked on computers although I’ve learned to hate them over the decades. You will see occasional articles posted or linked regarding technical topics (privacy laws, security breaches, etc). This is the only topic for which I have an official education and actual working experience. The rest of my posts are pulled straight out of my ass (although generally there is some experience behind my writings).

A music lover, a dog lover…what more is there to say? Read my posts, follow my Twitter feed @roknrolzombie and you’ll get to know me soon enough.