RoknrolZombie’s North American Tour

Due to my trip ending (lack of funds, mostly) I’ve decided to repurpose the site to a general blog.  The pictures and posts from my trip are still accessible, however and can be found here or either looking at the Archived posts.  Should I have the opportunity to resume/restart my trip the blog will once again be available for that purpose…until then, however, it’s mostly just an ego trip 🙂

About RoknrolZombie
Map #1
Map #2 (I didn’t make it this far)

Below are links to posts that I made during the trip in chronological order:

Pre-Trip Planning
Welcome to the RoknrolZombie North American Adventure Blog
More Preparations..
The Bag Isn’t a Problem
Final Plans
Things I’ve Learned Today
A Great Day, but Exhausted
Sorry for the late post…
Sacramento and family
Battle Damage
Weather’s in the Way
To the Bone…
Made it to Astoria
Pics as Promised
Update — Possible Change of Plans
Still in Astoria
Job Update
Made it to Spokane
A Detour Down Memory Lane
Made it to Spokane (part II)
Spokane Strikes Again! (or the only superstition I apparently still have)
No Need to Panic(! At the Disco)
Made it to Spokane (Part III)
Northward Bound
From Spokane (the better direction) to Northport, WA
Don’t go there, deer, you’ll hurt yourself
Northport to Canada…not as bad as expected
Vancouver Update
Historical Facts
Brief Update
Tofino, BC – and Temporary “Lodging”
The 10,000 (Part 1)
The 10,000 (Part 2)
The 10,000 (Part 3)
Homeless…briefly (with luck)
Port Alberni
Sheltered Child
Two Steps Forward…
Never Talk to Strangers (or, Mama wasn’t always right)

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